Cotexnova Spain

Cotexnova Spain S.L. is a company dedicated to the import and export of on-demand goods, products and services. We deliver any item our customers need with full quality, price and service guarantee.

Our team is made of experts from different fields, and our goal is to offer the best and safest solutions to our customers from all over the world.


Where we are

We ship internationally and specially in African countries and South America.

Our most requested products are: second hand clothing, building materials, vehicles and automotive spare parts, household appliances, and animal feeding.


How we work

We respond to the specific needs of each client, respecting local communities, the environment and current legislation. We select the best suppliers and manufacturers in each field, and negotiate with them specific conditions for each product.

We deliver any product to any part of the world in the best possible conditions, whether by land, sea or air.

We take care of administrative and customs procedures, certificates issuance, insurance and tracking of the orders until their final destination.

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