Ethics and corporate responsability

Cotexnova Spain S.L. applies specific principles of social responsibility in its work. We know for sure that the goal of any company is to generate profits, but we strongly believe that our business model must be compatible with the interests of the concerned community.

Social responsability policies

Cotexnova Spain is committed to creating value and satisfaction, and aims to keep all its relationships of trust upon the principles of correctness, transparency, security and honesty.

This means:

  • We’re committed to the environment. Our motto is to reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • We’re committed to our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.
  • We’re committed to always seek excellence in our actions.
  • We’re committed to equity and equality of sexes and races.
  • We’re committed to personal integrity and work integrity.

We think about the future, not only your business’ future, but also next generations’ future: this is the reason why our commitment to the environment and ecological sustainability is total.

Transparency, reliability and professionalism are a guarantee of success. Trust Cotexnova Spain for your business. Together we can grow higher.

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